Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly update Sept 16-22

The last week of non-scheduled training has concluded. So, this will be the last week of random workouts, hopefully. Here is last week's workouts, running and Crossfit.

Monday - 15 minutes working up to a heavy squat clean & jerk followed by 30 squat clean & jerks for time @ 115#

Tuesday - Row 1,000 meters, 30 burpee box jumps, row 1,000 meters. I then changed shoes and took a drink of water before going out for a 2 mile run.

Wednesday -Back squats 5x3 @ 165#. Tabata push-ups. Tabata sit-ups.
Thursday - 3 miles
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 7 miles

Dopey Challenge training officially kicks off this evening. 16 weeks of training should be fun

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